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Best Electric Scooter For A Teen

Top Rated Giant Bean Bag

Here at jumbobeanbags.co.uk we review each giant bean bag that is available for sale in the uk, below is our top rated ones.

Each of these jumbo bean bags have received excellent reviews, we have used and tested each bean bag and know that they are very comfortable and are good value for money.

We don't actually sell the bean bags ourselves, we just review them independently so that you get an un biast honest review of each bean bag in question.

You can purchase any giant bean bag furniture featured on this site over at hugebeanbags.co.uk a top giant bean bag uk store selling a good giant bean bag bed and giant bean bag sofa as well as all the good giant bean bag chair loungers feature here.

Best Jumbo Bean Bags

Best giant bean bagIf you are looking for an adult size giant bean bag floor cushion that is cheap to buy and of really good top quality then this has to be the one for you.

Have you heard of the expensive Fat Boy, Big Bertha and Bazaar bean bags? Well this bean bag here is just as big, is as good in quality and a lot cheaper.

So what makes this giant bean bag so different? Well, as you can see, it is one colour on one side of the bean bag and another colour on the flip side.

You can buy these huge bean bags in loads of different colour combinations too, it is available for sale in 12 different colours in fact.

Not only is this one massive bean bag measuring 140 by 180 cm it is waterproof too, making it one of the biggest and best garden bean bags that you can buy.

You will be surprised to know that the bean bag is for sale under 40 pounds in the uk and even comes with the beans ready to use right away, this is one awesome deal at this price. You will not find a bean bag as big as this as cheap as this in the uk today.

Faux Fur Giant Bean BagIf you are feeling a little funky and want a giant bean bag that is a little bit different to the norm then why not go for a faux fur bean bag like this one.

Now these bean bags are just perfect for when it's cold outside, they are just lovely to sink into and best of all they retain your body heat keeping you snug and warm.

It is considered to be an extra large bean bag measuring 82 by 86 cm, it's not as large as the bean bag featured above but it will easily seat any large adult on it.

As you would expect, these furry giant bean bags can't be used outdoors, any mud or dirt that gets stuck on it will certainly be difficult to remove.

If you are looking for some rather stylish and most importantly of all comfortable extra seating for your living room or bedroom then you will be overjoyed with this purchase.

We found that the bag does shed a little fur at first, do not be alarmed, we were assured that this is normal with furry bean bags at that it does stop eventually.

If you need any more advice or information on finding a bean bag that doesn't suck then just follow the link, there are some good suggestions there to take note of.

Giant bean bag chairIt wouldn't be right not to have a giant bean bag chair in our top 3, well this one has been included because it is a great deal.

You see, not only are you getting a huge bean bag chair here, you are also getting a free footstool thrown into the mix.

These large bean bags are waterproof too, they are made from polyester and are so easy to keep clean and can therefore, of course, be used outdoors too.

What's great about a bean bag like this is that it has so many uses, it is high backed and will be great for use as a gaming chair or TV seat, you could even use it outside as a sunbathing lounger seat.

These huge bean bags are in fact under 40 pounds to buy in the uk, this is an absolute great bargain at this price with a footstool too.

The quality of the bean bag is good too, even though it is cheap to buy, they are actually really well made and are just perfect for adults and kids to use.

Final Bean Bag Verdict

You will be pleased whichever giant bean bag you buy featured here, we use these bean bags everyday without fail. The kids use them, our pets use them, anyone buying one will definitely consider it to be money well spent.

The video below shows a giant bean bag in action, it is a faux suede bean bag, it is the same size as the faux fur bean bag featured and reviewed above.

Blog Posts

Best Electric Scooter For A 13 Year Old

The best electric scooter for a 13 year old will be one that has speed, has the looks and most importantly of all has great running stats to impress friends.

Some electric scooters will just not cut it, however you can find the best electric scooter at www.scooterselect.com for adults, kids and teenagers. They also give you the details on the cheapest place to buy it from.

Best electric scooter for a 13 year old

Top Electric Scooters For Teenagers

The best electric scooter for a 13 year old really depends on how much money that you have to spend. If you have a budget of around 800 pounds then you are in for a real treat.

However, if you are operating on a smaller budget around 300 pounds, you can still get a decent electric scooter for a teen although there will be a few bugs that you are just going to have to deal with.

High end budget:

Eco Reco M5 Electric ScooterBy far the best electric scooter for a teenager to use is the Eco Reco M5 or M5. These awesome scooters look incredibly stylish and are just great to ride, period.

The only main stumbling block that these electric scooters pose is that they are not cheap, they are less than a grand, but do you have that to spend?

So what do you get for your money with the Eco Reco electric scooter? First of all, they have a top speed of 20 mph, this thing can shift.

On a full charge you can actually get 10 miles out of the scooter, they make really good commuter scooters. If you teen has a long walk to school, this would be ideal.

The big difference between cheap electric scooters and the high end expensive ones is charge time. This one takes just 4 to 5 hours to fully charge, cheap ones can take a full day and have a short ride time too.

Most cheap electric scooters do not fold down either, or are very difficult to do so, this electric scooter fold down with ease in a few seconds.

The scooter can take up to 17 stones, so even large teenagers can ride on them, it has front and rear brakes too. With superb online reviews, you can't go wrong with this electric scooter.

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